To sell your book with UQU Secondhand Texts & Stationery please enter your book's 13 digit ISBN - usually located above your book's barcode.

You won't be able to search for you book using a course code.

You can either have a friend collect the money for you, or nominate an Australian or overseas bank account for your money to be deposited.

If you’d like a friend to collect the money on your behalf, you can email a note of authorisation to bookshop@uqu.com.au. Upon collection your friend will need to present this note, along with photo I.D.

If you’d like to nominate an Australian or overseas bank account for the sum to be deposited, please email bookshop@uqu.com.au for further instructions.

When you sell your books with Secondhand Texts & Stationery you’ll receive the best price on campus.

  1. Simply enter your books 13 digit number above your books barcode starting with 978 in the SELL search field here.

  2. Select your book, submit it for sale, login or create an account then present a copy of the generated submission receipt along with your book to our staff in-store or via our after hours chute.

We’ll act as your agent and will contact you via email once your book has been sold.

Please Note: If you change your email address, we will not be able to contact you when your books are sold. Simply update your email address via your UQU Secondhand Texts profile or by emailing bookshop@uqu.com.au

At the beginning and end of each semester we pay instant cash for in-demand textbooks. Once we publish the list to our Cash 4 Books page simply:

  1. Search the list below to see if your textbook is eligible.

  2. Bring your textbook in store. We are located in the UQU complex, just down from the UQ Shop in Campbell Place.

  3. We will pay up to 40%* off the RRP and pay you instant cash. We offer the best price on campus.

Visit the Cash 4 Books page located on our main menu and, if your book is on our list we’ll take it off your hands in exchange for instant cash.

Sign up to our eNews, located in the footer below, and be the first to receive news of our latest Cash 4 Books list.

You sure can! Our After Hours Chut is located at the front of our shop.

If you're using the chute, please ensure your ticket has a number and is secured to your textbook. You may need to use a rubber band.